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Welcome my "Amigo",

this is my little cave in the Web, the first thing you should know is that english is not my native tongue, so if you see any errors, horrors, or if i manage to insult some one by accident, please notify it to me

So, if you decide to proceed, well, continue under you own risk.

This place resembles my room, it's a little bit disordered, but if you dig enough, you may find something interesting. At this moment, most of the site is in spanish, eventually i will provide english translation, but this may take, weeks, or years, Who knows?

By the way.. i need to make a comercial break and point you to my job: Paralax Multimedia

Well, but what is this site about?, this are my areas of interest. Video, 3d video or sterescopic video, computer animation, amiga computers, interactive kiosks, robots, Midi, a little of prehispanic history and Kaliman comics

Kali what?...

Well Kaliman, for many years was my favorite "cuento" or comic. I was a Hero from the radio days, that it developed to comics and movies. With more than 1,000,000,000 sold in twenty years (no it's not a typo), it has been the most popular comic in Mexico and maybe Latin America. The interesting part is that i am planning to make a TV animation series of this comic. this may take years, but it's worth it.

My other big vice, appart from books and coffe, are Amiga computers, you will find references to interactive kiosks, and a robot i made, with an amiga1200 as a Brain. Also i used my amiga to make music, soon you will find mp3 files of some of my compositions, and finally computer animation. Also i used the Amiga non linear editor "Flyer" and the "Studio16" for audio editting and still i am a fan of those old computers..

I hope you enjoy your visit.


Errors, horrors, comments, and claims, please send then to "" Ing. Javier Delgado

This is my personal profile:
Name:        Javier Delgado Rosas
Age:         enough for most purpouses..!
Sex:         from time to time
status:      daddy squared
place:       México,
             One of the most populated and contaminated city in the world :((
Ocupation:   uhhh?, i make almost everything, but i put Engineer in my cards
like:        Amiga computers, music, progresive rock, Baroque music,
             video, computer animations, coffe, S&F, Arthur C. clarke Fan,
             Horatio Hornblower Fan, special Fx make up, prehispanic history 
             and Kaliman Comics.

finally, if you have time to spare, this are some of my favorite links

And if you don't mind the comrcial visit the web pages of Delgado family

My father:

Paints by Nemesio Delgado

My brother: Ing. Eduardo Delgado Rosas QED:
Tecnomaq, Tecnomaq Mountaine Bike Team, La Pagina de Anamar, La Familia Delgado Rodriguez

My sisters: QFB. Ana Carmen Delgado and Arquitec Adriana Delgado
Ribenack y asociados

My brother in law: Lic. Baudelio Hernandez
Baudelio Hernandez y asociados:

My wife: Norma Magos Moreno
La pagina de Norma


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D.R. Javier Delgado 1999

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